Essential Quilting Supplies

Sep 15, 2023

If you're new to quilting, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and wondering what it is that you need to have in your sewing box to get started.

Below is a list of tools/notions that I use regularly when quilting. Links are underlined. Links will take you to Lindley General Store.

45mm Rotary Cutter and Spare Blade - Probably one of the most essential tools for precision quilting!

18in. x 24in. Cutting Mat - For use with a rotary cutter. Please note, that if you are planning to use a rotary cutter (which I highly recommend), a cutting mat is a necessity. As to the size, there are quite a few sizes on the market today, but I would always recommend this one for the beginner as it's big enough that you can manage most things without too much inconvenience, but not so big that you need a whole room for it! 

Acrylic Cutting Ruler - This one or this one would be an excellent all-purpose ruler. Again, if you are using a rotary cutter for quilting, you will need at least one ruler.

Small Scissors - Handy to have beside your sewing machine for snipping threads.

Quilting Pins - I have these and I absolutely love them!

Seam Ripper - Because anyone who sews or quilts WILL need one of these sooner than later!! I have this one and it makes a miserable task just a tiny bit less miserable!

Marking Tools - One of these and one of these should work for most projects. There's also this marker (in purple), which is my personal all-time favourite marking tool, ever.

Piecing Thread - I alternate between Aurifil 50wt Cotton and Gütermann all-purpose polyester. Aurifil is the industry standard, but I find Gütermann does the job just fine. Which ever thread you go with, I recommend you start with neutral colours like black and white.

An Iron (and ironing board). If you don't have one, I would recommend looking for something a little more expensive as I find the cheaper ones don't get hot enough for quilting cotton.

Quilters Tape Measure - Handy for measuring beds and much needed when adding borders to a quilt top. If you are only doing smaller projects, you can get away with a standard tape measure.

Machine Needles - I recommend these in 80/12 for piecing. For free motion quilting, I would recommend embroidery needles such as these.

Sheers or Scissors - These would be a suitable pair.

Another thing that is extremely handy (but not essential) is a lint brush or lint roller. Not only do they help keep your clothes free of threads and fluff, they are very effective in keeping your cutting mat and surrounding area clean.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed or would like more help getting started, send us an email at We'd love to help you on your way to becoming a quilter!


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