Gertrude's Star Inspiration

Written by: Abigail Kelly


Have you started your Gertrude's Star yet?

If you haven't and you are still struggling for ideas, we've got a few more mockups for you that will hopefully inspire you! I feel like we may have an accidental theme going here as some of the colours are repeated in several of the mockups. But can't say I'm sorry about that cause I like these colours!

First up is a Lap size using Colorworks by Northcott. This is the Smuggler's Cove bundle I curated over at Lindley General Store. I love the creamy background and how it makes the colours pop.

Next up is a Lap size using Wild West by FIGO Fabrics. This is just such cute fabric! And I feel like it suits the lap size very well.

This third on shows a single block using Tactile by FIGO Fabrics. As the blocks are so big, I think it'd make a good wall hanging or maybe a table topper.

4th: This is the large throw using Wild Forgotten and other prints by Art Gallery Fabrics. We did use Wild forgotten on the cover quilt, but this mockup shows it with a scrappy background. 

Is there a fabric line you'd like to see in a mockup? Let me know in the comments!

If you haven't got the pattern yet, you can purchase Gertrude's Star here.

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