Gertrude's Star Quilt Pattern - All the Details!

Written by: Abigail Kelly


Gertrude's Star Quilt Pattern

This quilt features large, detailed blocks. The pattern includes instructions for a 2-Tone Version (like the blue one below), a Scrappy Version or a Fat Quarter Version. We've also included instructions for 4 different sizes; baby, lap, large throw, and twin. With each block measuring 20" finished, the quilt top goes together quite quickly. It also features a beautiful, pieced sashing.

Blue and Navy Gertrude

About the Name

The name Gertrude's Star is in honour of my great-grandmother Emily Gertrude. While trying to come up with a name, the block pattern reminded me of May Day and I remember my grandmother sharing a story about Emily, how when she was in an orphanage (she was raised in the Bernardo's Home for Girls), they would have these May Day celebrations and she always longed to be 'one of the public'. My grandmother was never entirely certain what she meant, but I think that she must have wanted to belong somewhere. She did eventually find a family and she met my great-grandfather and they had a family of their own. I just think she'd be pretty stoked to know her great-granddaughters have a quilt pattern named after her.

Cover Quilt

Size shown is Large Throw.

For the accent fabric, we used the scrappy fabric requirements. For the background, we used the 2-tone fabric requirements.

Fabrics are a mix of Wild Forgotten and Her and History by Bonnie Christine with AGF Solids White Linen as the background. 

And we used AGF White Linen Flannel for the backing. It is so creamy and beautiful!

Quilting is by Laurie Moynes.


  • The pattern can be purchased here.
  • The fabrics are all from Lindley General Store. You can find them here.
  • You can find Laurie Moynes on Facebook.

We'd love to see your take on Gertrude's Star. Be sure to share your creations on social media using the hashtag #gertrudesstarquilt!

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