The Perfect Fabric Bundle for A Memory Wall Quilt!

Written by: Abigail Kelly


Memory Wall + Amber Sunset Quilt Fabric Bundle

Amber Sunset is Lindley General Store's newest curated quilt fabric bundle. Available in both half-yard and fat quarter, these bundles are perfect for a variety of projects and quilt patterns, including Memory Wall!

Before I designed the Memory Wall quilt, I had seen many Polaroid quilts. You know the ones where the blocks literally look like a Polaroid print? I liked Polaroid quilts, but I never loved them. I wanted something that looked more like a 'real', slow vintage photo like what my Grampa had in his old photo albums.

The prints in the Amber Sunset fabric bundle invoke the feelings of sunset views and picnics like the ones in an old photo album full of cherished memories. And that's why I think this fabric bundle is perfect for the Memory Wall Quilt Pattern! Do you agree?

Amber Sunset Fat Quarter Bundle

The Memory Wall throw calls for 8 fat quarters and the Amber Sunset fabric bundle includes 10, so you could just use 8 of the prints from the bundle or you could use a bit of all 10 and just not have as many of each print in the quilt top. There's room to get creative with it.

Now for the mockups!

For this and the next mockup, we've used yardage of prints from the bundle for the background fabric. In this case, we've used this orange print and left it out of the squares.

And with this yellow print, we've done the same thing. Use the yardage for the background and omit that particular print from the blocks.

These last two mockups both feature colours from AGFs Pure Solids line. The darker one is Vanilla Custard and the lighter one is White Linen. The choice of a solid background allows the blocks to stand out more, creating that 'wall of photos' look I was going for when I designed the pattern. That being said, using the prints as the background could make it feel more like wallpapered walls!

Memory Wall Mockup Vanilla Custard
Background: Pure Solids Vanilla Custard
Memory Wall Mockup White Linen
Background: Pure Solids White Linen

We'd love to know what you think. Are you team solid backgrounds or do you like a printed background? Let us know in the comments below!

Where To Purchase Amber Sunset Bundles

All fabrics, including the Amber Sunset Fabric Bundles are available through our sister site, Lindley General Store

Amber Sunset Fat Quarter Bundle
Amber Sunset Fat Quarter Bundle
Amber Sunset Half Yard Bundle
Amber Sunset Half Yard Bundle


I’d like to see it with a green background something like a deep moody moss green with a bit of a brown tone to it.

Anne Doyle

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